October 7th, 2012

Hey thanks for checking out the site, for those who are interested in who I am, I thought I’d share my personal story quickly…

Paradigm Shift - Gary GregoryMy name’s Gary Gregory and I’ve been involved with internet marketing for around 5 years now, (As I write this I have almost 200 websites that make me money daily.) If you haven’t heard of me before, take a look at these sites: M.O.B.S. and Internet Marketing Mentor.

I still remember the first time I looked into this system. It was pretty mind blowing, even for an experienced “internet guy” like me. Everybody (especially on Facebook) kept talking about it so I took the plunge and joined. I am an internet marketer by trade, so I wanted to explore another plug and play income stream and was immediately on the lookout for ways to build another successful online business that generated money on auto-pilot. Once I was introduced to this opportunity, I knew I needed to get on board and more importantly, build an amazing team.

I failed miserably at first and was a little over confident. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t making any headway.

That was the origins of a love affair with Ultimate Power Profits & The International Team which brings us to today. I’m not one to brag about big numbers etc. and I’m certainly no millionaire (not yet anyway), but let’s just say I am now able to make a good deal of money based on applying the techniques you will learn within this very business.

So why did I make a site about Ultimate Power Profits?

I was already a online entrepreneur and although I currently do very well online, I knew there were better and more efficient ways of making HUGE money. Since I was online everyday, I thought I might as well make this happen.

This led me on an exhaustive search of the best products and programs to focus my work, and finally to make piles of cash. The best part is, you get the benefit of all of my research. Not only that, but being able to partner up with some of the most successful internet marketers online to launch this business into the stratosphere, just made tons of sense to me.

Which brings us to this site: Ultimate Power Profits

Why? Partly to explore a different way to approach the fine art of earning an income with your own home business. Hopefully if you’ve found my site useful and you’ll be kind enough to join our team, I’d really appreciate it. (Side note – If you ever need any extra help you can mail me at I’ve always got time for people who are new to a home based business, even if you didn’t join through my links for whatever reason.)

But it’s not just the money I may or may not make. Because I have invested and personally believe in this business. If you look past the flashy sales page, what you have here is a comprehensive system that completely over delivers, an almost sure way for any internet user to make money and one of the best programs I’ve ever come across.

To your success,


Global One

Ultimate Power Profits

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